Founded in 1991, The Expendables Recycler has developed a large following of motion picture professionals who continually are able to save money on their grip, electric, and camera expendables.

The Expendables Recycler isn’t located in a fancy Hollywood storefront – Instead it’s more comfortably housed… in a house! A little blue house to be exact, on the cusp of Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks.

Run by Todd Parker and his staff of friendly associates, The Expendables Recycler is a small business designed to save both small and large production companies money.

The Expendables Recycler also promotes environmental awareness and reduces some of the waste impact of the production world by selling pro-rated rolls of gaffers tape, gels and just about anything else you’ll need for your shoot.

We often have some imperfect gels that can save productions big-time money if their Gaffer or Key Grip can make them work!

At The Expendables Recycler, you’ll not only notice the savings on your production supplies, you’ll notice the difference of working with a friendly, small and successful business.

At The Expendables Recycler, every order is custom to your production. Call, fax or contact us online with your requests and production needs. Contacting us ahead of time gives us time to find more alternatives that can lower your costs. It also gives us a chance to send you a quote that you can go over with your crew and production staff.

Contact us today! Then contact us again after the shoot, so we can buy back your unused expendables, reducing waste and saving you money!