EXPENDABLES – Supplies that must be purchased, not rented, when making a film.

Some common examples of expendable items that may be used when working on a production are: Gels, Diffusions, Blackwrap, Tape, Marking Tape, Lens Tissue, Sprays, Dust Off , Electrical Connectors, Showcard, Foamcore, Duvetyne, Visqueen, Rope, Clothespins, Eyepiece Chamois, Dry Erase Markers, Sharpies, China Balls, etc.


Here are a few suggestions to think about when ordering:

  • Make a detailed list of what you think you will need. This will involve checking with your D.P., Gaffer and Key Grip to determine which items each department is going to need. Eliminate duplication if it isn’t intentional.
  • When ordering Gels (Lighting Filters), be specific about how much of each you think you will need. Make sure that your crew knows that we have partial rolls of gel available, so they can order just the amounts that they will need. Most full rolls are 4 feet wide and 25 feet long. Individual sheets (24″ x 21″) are also available.
  • Color Correction Gels – C.T.O. (ORANGE), C.T.B. (BLUE), PLUS GREEN, MINUS GREEN, C.T.S. (STRAW) Color Correction Gels come in four different shades. (Full, Half, Quarter and Eighth) Find out which ones you’ll need. Fluorescent lighting might require plus or minus greens. Tungsten lighting with a window in the shot might require C.T. Orange for the windows or C.T. Blue for the lights. C.T. Straw is similar to, and sometimes used in place of, C.T. Orange. HMI lights might need some plus or minus green to correct them to being green neutral.
  • ND (Neutral Density) Gels – The gels placed on windows to darken them. Often seen in the shot, but hopefully not noticed. They come in different degrees of darkness. (ND.15 (1/2 F-stop), ND.3 (1 stop), ND.6 (2 stops), ND.9 (3 stops), and ND1.2 (4 stops) Measure those windows! They’ll need a lot of gel.
  • There are several ways to make “soft” light. Diffusion, China balls, bouncing off a white surface (BUY foamcore, beadboard, showcard, or RENT a griflon), etc.

IMPORTANT: Call ahead! We’ll need time to get your order pulled, and only with advance warning can we create partial rolls of gel if necessary. It helps us AND will give you more options.